Prospective Families

The Staff Experience

Join Our Summer Family and Create The Camp Shalom Magic
Camp Shalom is a home away from home for both our campers and staff. It is a place where close friendships are formed, where work is challenging but rewarding, and where everyone has a chance to shine. It is not just a job… it is an experience you will remember for a lifetime. A summer as a Camp Shalom staff member provides an opportunity to grow and learn about yourself, make a difference in the lives of children, and live in a close-knit camp community. And of course, a Camp Shalom summer is also loads of fun!

Make A Difference In Campers’ Lives
Many Camp Shalom staff members return year after year. Some are long time campers who return to “give back” to our camp community, and others are newcomers to Camp Shalom.

We are looking for caring, hard-working, and energetic individuals for our upcoming camp season. If you feel you have something special to offer and are genuinely willing to give your best to make a positive impact on children, please get in touch. 

At Camp Shalom we take the job of caring for children seriously. We’re looking for top quality summer camp counselors and specialty staff who will take this job as seriously as we do. We’re committed to being the best.

No other job can as easily combine the satisfactions of working with people in an outdoor setting as camp staff member. The impact of working as a member of a summer camp staff is seldom recognized for the valuable contributions that often arise from the experience working at camp gives you the opportunity "to enrich lives and change the world.

All counselors are chosen for their exceptional character and their ability to relate to our campers.

If you are interested in working at camp, please fill out our staff application. You can also call us at 786-344-3726 for more information. We hope to hear from you soon! 

Oh, and one other thing! Since we receive lot applications every summer, it's important that yours stand out.