The importance of unplugging

December 01, 2016 By Admin
Summers without electronics help us form stronger and more meaningful friendships. We ask that campers leave their electronics at home, including iphones and/or other cell phones, ipads, kindles, laptops, PSPs, gameboys, and all other mobile communication devices, especially those that have a screen. As such, campers may not bring any smart phones or itouch devices, even if the SIM card has been removed.

Parents often ask us “do your campers really leave their cell phones at home for the summer?” The answer is YES! Our campers happily choose to unplug from the world of social media and texting because they see each summer how much richer their friendships are at camp. Summers unplugged are summers without the pressures and headaches of life online.

We understand the need and importance of keeping in touch with your camper(s).  Parents of Camp Shalom campers will still be able to communicate with their camper through traditional letter writing or through the email service through your CampInTouch account.

Here Are Just 5 Of The Many Benefits Of Attending A Summer Camp Without Technology!
  • Engage: By taking their eyes off various screens, your child will be able to engage with the camp world around them.  Cell phones and online games provide distractions in the cabin and it is our goal to foster "old-fashion" relationship skills.
  • Connect with Nature: Rather than “liking” a picture of nature, your camper will be witnessing it firsthand!  Camp is the perfect time to connect with nature and the beauty of the outdoors.
  • Broaden Horizons: Without the distractions of their online life, campers will be able to discover more of his/her talents/skills.  Campers will be able to focus on trying new activities or making new friends instead of wondering about friends at home. 
  • Homesickness:  As access to technology ceases homesickness improves.  That's right!  Connectivity to the world at home increases homesickness.
  • Communication skills:  Taking a technology break gives children the chance to improve their one-on-one communication skills.


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