December 21, 2016 By David Fried
Summer 2017 brings with it an additional Daily Activity Period. With a total of 7 Activity Periods per day, campers will have multiple opportunities to expand their horizons and hone current talents…all while bonding with their friends! Each morning, campers will immerse themselves in 3, 45-minute Periods, consisting of a wide variety of predominantly outdoor, recreation based Activities, such as; League Play, Challenge Course, Watersports, yoga, fitness and much more. Campers will spend their afternoons indulging in 4, 30-minute Activity Periods, selected from an array of programs offered in our Camp Club, Option Hours and others.

Field Trips
Cabins will venture Off-Camp TWICE per week. That’s right…2 Day-Trips per week! Some Trip highlights: Off-Camp Canoe Trips, Nature Hikes, Trampoline Park, Bowling, Movies and more. Last, but certainly not least…our “Big Trips” to Orlando Theme Parks (1 per session)!

Senior Programs
We are thrilled to announce the addition of a Senior Camper Program Coordinator to our summer staff. The Senior Camper Program Coordinator will be responsible for the all Chalutzim (Grades 9-10) and LIT (Grade 11) activities. This updated experience will include, unique Off-Camp Excursions, Various Community Service Opportunities (eligible to be put towards required school service hours), Leadership Training, Extended On-Camp Privileges and much more.

Specialty Camps
Welcome to Camp Shalom’s Specialty Camps: On-Site Clinics, Facilitated by Highly Qualified Professionals for 3 Full Days! Throughout Summer ’17, campers will receive one-on-one instruction, in small groups, in the camp(s) of his/her choice. Detailed descriptions of each Specialty Camp are available upon request. This is a great opportunity for your camper to learn new skills and/or improve on current interests: Rock Shop; including Guitar and Piano lessons; Sports Clinics such as; Volleyball, Baseball, Super Shooters Basketball, Golf Lessons, Flag Football, Tennis and Martial Arts; Survival Skills 101; Professional Deejay Camp, Gymnastics, Advanced Dance, Cheerleading and more!

First-rate programs are complemented by weekly Camp-Wide Themed Events. Campers can look forward: Star Gazing, BBQ Picnic Lunch, Sunday Funday Brunch, Survivor Day, Bike Trails, New & Engaging Clubs, Camper Hunt (a new twist on our much-loved “Counselor” Hunt evening-program), Paddle Boarding, New Outdoor Rec Areas Outside of the Cabins (featuring Ping-Pong Tables and Corn Hole structures), Inter-Camp Games (sporting competitions against other camps), “Oddlympics”, Full Moon Toga Party, Iron Chef, Upgraded Canteen, the Blob for the lake…and more!

New For Parents
Throughout the Summer, family members can stay connected via our Weekly Blog, Daily Photo & Video Uploads, Regular Facebook Live Events and more! Long gone are the days of printing, handwriting & snail mail…Our new CampInTouch software gives parents the ability to complete & submit camp documents with ease in one convenient online location. Additionally, our new interactive website (launch date- December 1, 2016) will make Camp Prep a breeze, with all important information available at the click of a button.


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