5 Things That Are Missed When Not At Summer Camp

December 23, 2016 By David Fried

5 Things That Are Missed When Not At Summer Camp

Summer camp is a fun and exciting experience where time simply flies by. There are – quite literally – hundreds of things to do at camp, which makes it impossible not to miss them when you are not at your summer home. Here are just a few things that will always remind you of camp on those cold winter evenings:

Beautiful Waterfronts
Seeing a ski boat or jet ski is sure to remind you of your unforgettable summers at camp. From waterskiing to canoeing to trampolining and wakeboarding, camp has plenty of water-sports to fill your day. Our lake at Camp Shalom is the most magnificent lake in Orange Springs. It’s lonely and waiting for you!

A campfire is a mainstay at camp, as it is at every camp. The activities, songs and traditions differ from camp to camp. However, one thing that remains consistent is the sacred relevance the campfire holds. The fire symbolizes camp life, and the burning wood serves as a reminder of picturesque settings in the Ocala National Forest.

Camp Songs
What better place to sing, cheer and shout than while at camp. We love singing at camp! Whether in the cabin, on the stage, in the dining hall or around a campfire, camp songs are a big part of summer life. The slightest reminder of a camp lyric or tune will surely have you reminiscing about your summers spent at Camp Shalom.

A summer isn’t complete without s’mores. And besides, it’s hard to resist the pleasure of melted marshmallows and chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers. Just one bite is enough to bring instant memories of camp.

You might think: ”What’s so special about a cabin?’” Well, they are much more than places where counselors and campers sleep. It’s where everyone becomes a family, memories are made and friendships are nurtured.



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