Current Families

Camp Meds

All camp med’s packaging will be coordinated with Walgreens 13451

Walgreens 13451 is not your typical corner Walgreens drug store.
Walgreens 13451 is the "Health Pharmacy Division" of Walgreens.
Walgreens 13451 is a small unit in the lobby of a 5 story Medical Complex.

Process for "campers" medication fulfillment 
  1. Family agrees to utilize Walgreens 13451 (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) 
  2. Family speaks with their physician, obtains the Hard Copy Rx and mails to Walgreens 13451, or has the prescriber electronically transmit the order directly to Walgreens 13451.
  3. Family contacts Walgreens and provides all demographic, insurance, and credit card info.
  4. This can be done at your local Walgreens, over the phone, or the pharmacy email
  5. Orders are received and fulfilled.
  6. The staff at Walgreens 13451 will reach out to the family prior to shipping any medication.
  7. With family consent Medication(s) is/are shipped.
  • There is a $15.00 charge per "camper" for the shipping.
  • Bubble packaging is done in 30 day quantity's.  
  • Should a "camper" be attending a longer session, a second $15.00 will be charged.
  • Walgreens uses FEDEX. Each "camper" will be shipped independently to allow better tracking.
  • All payments ( insurance copay(s) and S&H charge ) are done via Credit Card.