Shalom Families

Opening/Closing days

Opening Days are an exciting and busy time on-Camp!

Car Arrivals: For Driving Directions to camp, click here!
  1. Upon arrival to Camp Shalom Trail, position vehicles in a straight line and to the right side of the road, (do not block the camp entrance). 
  2. Staff Orientation remains in-session until 2 PM. 
  3. Please do not attempt to enter the campgrounds prior to 2 PM. The main gates will open at 2 PM sharp
  • As space becomes available, each vehicle is waved through the gate and greeted by a Camp Shalom Staff Member.
  • Once greeted, each vehicle is guided to the “Check-In” Area (marked by cones).
  • To avoid over-crowding the “Check-In” area, 5 vehicles (approx.) are let in at a time (followed by a brief hold).
  • At check-in, vehicles are met by Camp Staff, who assist with unloading & delivering luggage to campers’ cabin.

For more information on Transportation by Bus, please click 
(Traveling to Camp).

  • On each Opening Day, the first “Camper Meal” served is Dinner! Please make sure that your child eats Breakfast & Lunch prior to arriving on Camp. If necessary, bring snacks (peanut-free only!)
  • Stay Hydrated– Water is available on Camp, but families are encouraged to bring water with them as well. 
  • Restrooms– there are no restrooms on Camp Shalom Trail!
  • Various restaurants and rest-stops are located near main highways– approx. 30 minutes away. 
  • Near Camp, there are 2-4 facilities with restrooms, the closest facility is Kangaroo Gas Station (approx. 1/2 mile). 
  • Cellular Service is very limited. Most signals start to dissipate approx. 30 miles out of the Camp (in all directions).
Visitors Weekend
  • Visitor's weekend pick up for campers returning for Session 2 is between 11 am and 1 pm.
  • You may drop your camper back at camp on or after 2pm on Opening Day of Session 2. 


Although we attempt to do everything in our power to avoid mishaps, every now and then a mistake does occur
While on camp, if you believe a mistake has been made regarding your child’s cabin placement: remain calm, reassure your child “all will be taken care of” and ask to speak with a “Camp Mom”. Quickly and quietly inform the Camp Mom and she will “radio” an Assistant Director. Legitimate errors will be rectified immediately. Please note, this does not apply to Bed/Bunk Requests!

Questions/concerns regarding the location of a camper’s bed (during Opening Day)
Every attempt has been made to accommodate the many requests & needs of all campers. Still, every now and then, a camper arrives on camp and has concerns about the location of his/her bed. Should this occur, we ask all parents to abide by the following protocol (also outlined on the Bed/Bunk-Mate Request Form): reassure your child, move forward with the drop-off process (help your child get settled in the space provided) and after you depart from Camp Shalom, send an e-mail to, with a brief message, informing Camp Staff of your child’s concerns. E-mails will be reviewed & acknowledged that night and concerns will be addressed accordingly, within 24 hours. For situations of this kind, this is the best way to expedite a resolution. There are many campers on camp and following this process enables Camp Staff to deal with any and all situations efficiently and effectively.

Closing Days of each session are much more laid back. The overall process of picking up your child(ren) from camp is also much quicker. 
  • The Entrance Gate on Camp Shalom Trail will be opened at 10:00am. 
  • Before loading up your child’s luggage (staff will be available to assist for those who need it) please double check his/her bags to confirm that they belong to your child (many bags look similar). 
  • Additionally, if your child came to camp with any medicine and/or medical equipment, we encourage you to stop by the Health Center before heading home.