Shalom Families

Packing List

Please do not bring more clothing than suggested. We do not have room in our cabins for excess clothing!

Packing List: Boys And Girls

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How do I get my child’s luggage to camp? 
Luggage can be brought on the bus, driven to camp and/or shipped in advance (use 168 Camp Shalom Trail address with UPS & Fed-Ex). 

What kind of luggage (and how many bags) should my camper have? 
Each camper can have a maximum of 2 army size large duffle bags or soft suitcases, 1 small duffle bag, 1 fold-up “camping chair”, 1 carry-on bag, 1 sleeping bag and 1 pillow. Campers are allowed 1 set of “plastic drawers”. PLEASE, refrain from sending Wheeled Luggage and Hard-Sided Trunks- we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we can longer allow trunks, as they take up too much space in the cabin and can hurt fingers! 
Bedding must be concealed in a regular duffle bag.
Please do not bring additional garbage or laundry bags filled with bedding on the bus.

Once on Camp, how will the luggage be transported to my child’s cabin? 
Luggage is brought to cabins on Golf Carts by Camp Staff, so there is no need for wheeled luggage, as it’s difficult to store.

For Campers Riding the Bus
Plastic drawers are not allowed on the bus (they can be shipped to camp)! 


EVERYTHING brought to camp must be individually labeled with the camper’s FIRST & LAST NAME- NO INITIALS. From luggage, socks, shoes and undergarments, to bedding, toiletries, towels, water bottles and everything in between… literally all items must be individually labeled.

As a general rule, labels should be applied according to their directions, as proper application helps to ensure the labels withstand the camp environment (use of commercial washers/dryers, sweat, sunscreen and so on). In our experience “Peel & Stick” style labels get the job done efficiently and effectively.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of the 25% discount offered by Label Daddy, exclusively to Camp Shalom families and staff. To access Label Daddy’s discount, CLICK HERE!  Don’t forget to pack a good amount of extra labels, to be used as-needed throughout the summer!

Laundry Clothing Tips 
The Camp Packing List is very in-depth and should be used as a guide while packing for camp. Each camper will need approx. 2 full weeks of clothing (extra socks and undergarments), regardless of his/her session length. Our Laundry Staff do their absolute best to care for each camper’s clothing, but please understand that from time to time, mishaps do occur. 

Each cabin’s laundry will be done once per week. Typically, garments are laundered and returned within 24 hours. 
PLEASE, DO NOT pack expensive, dry clean only and/or clothing with embellishments...nothing of monetary and/or sentimental value. 
Laundry is done in commercial grade washers and dryers (dryers are used on high heat setting). Should you send a Dry-Clean Only garment, please label the item accordingly– place a special sticker on the garment and pack a large Ziploc bag (also labeled accordingly). 
After the item has been worn, instruct your child to place the garment in the Ziploc Bag and to put the Ziploc Bag inside of their luggage.