Shalom Families


Cabins will venture Off-Camp TWICE per week. That’s right…2 Day-Trips per week! 

Some Trip highlights: Off-Camp Canoe Trips, Nature Hikes, Trampoline Park, Bowling, Movies and more. Last, but certainly not least…our “Big Trips” to Orlando Theme Parks (1 per session)! 


How much money will my child need? 

  • ALL CAMPERS are required to submit a minimum of $40 per session.
  • This money is to be used for Full Day Trips (1 per session). 
  • Campers use their money for drinks, Dinner & Snacks (if necessary). 
  • Younger campers’ envelopes are held by their counselors. 
  • On Full-Day Trips, Camp Shalom provides Breakfast & Bagged Lunch (with water and 1 additional snack). 
  • Should a camper lose or run out of his/her money, staff will make sure the child is taken care of. 

What type of “money” should I send? 

  • CASH 
  • MONEY CARD: Money Cards must be accepted throughout ALL Orlando Theme Parks (contact the card issuer or parks to confirm). 
  • Make sure the card is activated (if applicable) prior to your child’s arrival on camp.

How should I package my child’s “money”?

  • Please note: Campers attending Full Summer, should have 2 packages (1 per session). 
  • CASH: A minimum of $40 (please include some smaller bills) should be placed in an unsealed envelope. On the front of the envelope, write the “Camper’s Full Name, “1st Session” or “2nd Session” and “The Total $ Amount Enclosed” (Full Summer Campers– do this for each session) 
  • MONEY CARD: Follow the instructions above a piece of tape on each card and write: the “Camper’s Name”, “1st Session” or “2nd Session” and the “$ amount of the card”