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Unplugged @ Camp Shalom

Although we do not completely forbid electronics at camp, we must limit and monitor the use of these devices so that each child gets the most out of his/her experience. 

Use is limited to:
  • Promote socialization amongst campers
  • Reduce the stress associated with the damage to and loss of electronics
  • Give campers a much needed break from the world of technology
  • Allow campers to fully embrace the connections they make with other campers
  • Limit the risk of campers being exposed to inappropriate material
We ask that campers leave all expensive electronics at home. Such devices have a way of getting lost or broken at camp. Camp Shalom cannot take responsibility for the loss or damage of any electronic device, nor does our insurance policy cover replacement. 

Music is a big part of camp! If your child enjoys listening to music, he/she is welcome to bring a portable music player– a CD player, an iPod Shuffle or any other comparable inexpensive MP3 player (nothing with the ability to play video and/or connect to the internet, cell service or Wi-Fi)

We recognize that many campers use iPhones for photos; however, while at camp, campers must use disposable cameras or inexpensive digital cameras. Additionally, cell phones, iPods (or any similar device), iPads (or any similar device), netbook, laptop, etc...all must remain at home. 
Cell Phones 

Being at camp is an opportunity for your child to experience a world beyond home, and a chance for you and your child to practice “letting go”. This allows children to develop autonomy, independence and a stronger sense of self. It encourages them to make new friends, take responsibility for themselves and their bunkmates, problem solve and mature a bit. 

Although cell phones have been strictly prohibited at camp for many years, some families choose to ignore this policy. Invariably, this leads to conflicts within the cabin and allows campers to focus on their friends at home rather than their friends at camp. Cell phones enable campers to contact parents for advice instead of turning to their peers or counselors, and they prevent campers from problem solving. Every now and then campers will fight or have a bad moment, the ability to send a text or call immediately in the heat of the moment can severely impact a child’s overall experience. This can lead to immediate homesickness while also turning a small challenge into a major one. In summation, cell phone use at camp is counter to the values we teach and uphold at Camp Shalom and interferes with an important peer aspect of the overnight camp experience. 

When parents allow their children to break rules (take a cell phone to camp), they are teaching that rules don’t apply to them. Respect our policy and discuss it with your camper. In the past, campers have hidden their cell phones in their bags without parents’ knowledge. Please make sure you take your child’s cell phone before he/she leaves for camp. All cell phones brought to camp will be collected upon arrival and returned at the end of the session.

Laptops required for school work and/or bar & bat mitzvah study 
Laptops required for school work and/or Bar/Bat Mitzvah study are permitted, but must be stored with the Camp Office. If your child fits into one or both of these categories, please notify the Camp by emailing Each camper must have his/her own device and charger. Both should be packed safely within an appropriate bag/case. All of which should be clearly labeled with Full Name

SPECIFIC TO APPLE DEVICES – IPOD SHUFFLE is the ONLY Apple Device authorized for use at camp.