Prospective Families

Leadership Program

Teens help out in various roles around camp, mainly acting as an assistant to the general counselors in the cabin. LIT’s also assist in all programming facets around camp, including setting up for evening activities, helping campers get ready for field trips and much more. LIT’s also partake in leadership training with our LIT program coordinator.

The LIT Program acts as a bridge between camper and 1st Year Counselor. LITs live in the LIT Lodge which is a cabin set up solely for them. This cabin is supervised by the LIT program coordinator. This rewarding and fun experience provides the opportunity for personal growth and extra freedoms within our camp structure. The LIT program is certainly not “all work and no play”. After lights out, LITs have time to relax, bond, and visit the local store along with an adult staff member. Additionally, LITs go on special trips, participate in leadership training activities and they have the opportunity to receive up to 8 hours of community service per day while at camp.

Our Chalutzim program is for 9th and 10th graders
The campers in this program enjoy a specialized program which is slightly different than the general camp schedule. In addition to all of the activities we offer, Chalutzim campers enjoy other programs such as “Chalutzim Hour” which is a special co-ed program geared for teens and project hours which the group comes up with and executes the building of a “camp project”  which will enhance camp in some type of way. 
In the past, Chalutzim projects have included building a GaGa pit, Frisbee golf course and lifeguard chair for our lake. Also, campers in this program participate in our Big Brother/Big Sister program which pair up our youngest campers with a “cool” role model. 
Chalutzim campers also get the privilege of a later curfew and special field trips only for their age group.
As always, Chalutzim will be given various opportunities to earn community service hours by assisting with activities, helping around camp and volunteering off camp.
From additional privileges, community service and leadership opportunities to new off camp trips, there’s something for everyone.